A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature
Volume 9     Issue 3     September 2015

Interviews Index

Wordgathering's interviews often provide a good chance for readers to learn about new and upcoming events in the disabilities community and disability literature. In the June issue Wordgathering's discussion with Laura Cohen introduced readers to the DisLabeled Philly Film series. In the current issue, the journal's interview with Sean Mahoney aquaints them with the Disability Literature Consortium, a coalition that will be working to give greater exposure to disability literature. Mahoney also talks about the Something on Our Minds series that publishes the work of writers with multiple sclerosis. The second interview is with well known poet and memoirist, Kenny Fries. He discusses his research in Germany, where he is now living, in an interview with German disabilities advocate Rebecca Maskos.

Past interviews are always also available in Wordgathering's "Past Issues" archives, which contain over fifty interviews and can be located in the "Author Index". Here is a small sample. Writers who may be looking for other journals that publish disability literary writing should check out these interviews.

Of course, Wordgathering has archived many interview with poets. Here are just a small sample.

Interviews are a popular feature of this journal and an important way to learn about the many people involved in disability literature and art. If you know of someone that you think would like to interview for a Wordgathering interview, contact the editors atThe Arts" please contact the editors comments@wordgathering.com.

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