A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 7     Issue 1     March 2013

Essays in This Issue

The essays in this issue of Wordgathering are a varied group, representing the fields of film, life writing, short story, and poetry. In a discussion that originated while editing Behind Our Eyes, an anthology of writing by blind and visually impaired writers, Marilyn Brand Smith discusses how the experience of disability can be incorporated into memoir and essays with one of the book's contributors, Bonnie Bloss. Teresa Blankmeyer Burke discusses the silent film, The Artist from the point of view of a Deaf viewer. André Le Mont Wilson describes his work with two potential writers at the Oakland Cerebral Palsy Center bringing their oral narratives and ideas into poetic form. Michael Northen's piece on short disability fiction continues the essay begun in the December 2012 issue of Wordgathering by discussing the work of Floyd Skloot, Thom Jones and Anne Finger.

In addition to the esssays in this section, reader may be interested Diane Kendigs discussion of the Spanish documentary film of the life of Maria Blanchard, a painter with kyphosis whose work was contemporary with the work of Diego Rivera and Juan Gris. Kendig's essay can be found in the Arts section of this issue.

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