A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 7     Issue 1     March 2013

Book Reviews and Book Excerpts in this Issue

The book reviews in current issue of Wordgathering offer a look at the new work of three poets. Two of the poets, Rusty Morrison and Hal Sirowitz may be familar to readers, not just because of previous reviews of their work in Wordgathering but because they are poets whose work is likely known to serious readers of contemporary poetry. Our third poet, Liz Whiteacre whose poetry and essays may be familar to readers of this journal, will be launching her first book, thanks to Finishing Line Press. Liz embodies the talented younger poets whose writing Wordgathering readers can be among the first to discover and tell others about. Another first reviewed here, is disabilty activist Harilyn Rousso's first autobiographical work, Don't Call Me Inspirational. Finally, this issue of Wordgathering takes a look at the fourth of the edition of the now classic Disability Studies Reader edited by Lennard J. Davis. Simply put, no one can consider themselves literate in disability studies without at least a passing familiarity with Davis' anthology.

Because this issue of Wordgathering tries to put a bit of a spot light on disability life writing, three short exerpts from that genre form are included here. The first is from Harilyn Rousso book, Don't Call Me Inspirational, reviewed in this issue and mentioned above. The second is from South African writer and psychologist Leslier Swartz's memoir Able-Bodied, which will be reviewed in the June 2013 issue of Wordgathering. The final excerpt comes from poet Jennifer Bartlett's book in progress on the life of one of the seminal figures in disability poetics, Larry Eigner.

  • Jennifer Bartlett, "Berkeley" from Limits/ are what any of us / are inside: The Life and Work of Larry EignerAble-Bodied
  • Harilyn Rousso, "Walk Straight" from Don't Call Me Inspirational
  • Leslie Swartz, from Able-Bodied: scenes from a curious life

Wordgathering is continually open to suggestions for new books by writers with disabilities to review. If you have a book that you would like to have reviewed and that you think fits the needs of our journal, please let us know. We also invite readers who would like to review books for Wordgathering to contact us. Comments on books reviewed or suggestions for future book reviews can be sent to comments@wordgathering.com. Return to Top

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