Poetry – Spring 2022

Poetry in this issue:

Editor’s Note: Each of these poems is accompanied by an audio recording of the poem. Readers are also encouraged to access the text and audio versions of Ellen Samuels’s poem, “Elegy for a Mask Mandate,” in the introduction / preamble; Victor Enns’s poem, “An Unfinished Romance,” as part of their essay, “Suicidal Ideation and the Importance of Getting Dressed in the Morning“; Clark A. Pomerleau’s poem, “Refuge Niches,” in their manifesto, “Grappling with Shifting and Shifty Alliances in Support of Trans and Disabled Children”; and Visual Poetry by Susan Barry-Schulz in the Art section, all published in this issue of Wordgathering.

Poetry can be submitted to Wordgathering at wordgathering@syr.edu. Please review our Submission Guidelines prior to submission.

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