Lynne Bronstein

The Aspie Girl’s Love Song

(listen to the poem, read by the author)

I’m stumbling
Over my out of place tongue
Saying what I really mean
That never should be said.

Then I clam up
At the laughing moments,
Turning away
When eloquence
Is needed most.

Nothing matters
But the cells inside me
Where neat little demons scream
To be let out.

I’m obliged to send you
These signals,
Thoughts crackling
As they glide on fragile air.

Will you hear my message
Of irregular sentiments
Before it times out?

And if it pleases you to reply
Will you write it loud
And burning red
On a wall for everyone to see
But make the words shimmer
Only for me?

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About the Author

Lynne Bronstein is celebrating numerous decades of being involved in poetry. She has published five books, including the latest, NastyGirls, from Four Feathers Publishing. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in everything from Playgirl to Chiron Review, from underground newspapers to National Public Radio. Her poetry videos are on her own YouTube channel. She lives in the San Fernando Valley with three other humans and three cats.