Volume 13, Issue 4 – December 2019

December 2019 (Volume 13, Issue 4) is the 52nd issue of Wordgathering. Our “transition team” issue was co-edited by outgoing Editor-in-Chief Michael Northen and incoming Editor-in-Chief, Diane R. Wiener, with outstanding collaborative support from our esteemed colleagues at Syracuse University—Rachael Zubal Ruggieri, Eddie Zaremba, Kate Deibel, and Amanda Page. You can read more about the transition team’s planning and process, as described in a Syracuse University News story, with further details outlined in our September 2019 (Volume 13, Issue 3) team interview by Prof. Jim Ferris.

The December 2019 issue’s Prose Editor is Sean Mahoney. Associate Poetry Editors are Emily K. Michael and Anne Kaier. The Gatherer’s Blog Editor is Ona Gritz. Book Reviewers for this issue are Ona Gritz, Stephen Kuusisto, Jessica Lewis Luck, Michael Northen, Christine Stewart-Nuñez, Liz Whiteacre, and Diane R. Wiener. “The Last Weeks in Her Studio” by Diane Kendig was audio recorded by Robin Johnson; other poems were audio recorded by the poets. Wordgathering‘s Founding Emeritus Editors are Stuart Sanderson, Dana Hirsch, Yvette Green, and Denise March.

Please note that archives of all past issues are being updated to make them searchable. While this process is underway, past issues will be temporarily unavailable on our website. 

Thank you for your patience during our transition, which has been and will continue to be a labor of love.