A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 10     Issue 2     June 2016

Book Reviews in this Issue

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Since its first issue in March of 2007, book reviews have been an important part of Wordgathering. Therefore, when the Disability Literature Consortium hosted the first ever booth for disability literature at AWP in April this year, including many of the books that have been reviewed in this journal over the years, it was a major source of pride for us. In this issue, we continue the work of trying to bring new (and, occasionally, older) disability-related books to our readers.

In keeping with the poetry emphasis in this issue, four of our reviews center on new books by poets. These include new work by Millicent Borges Accardi, Tony Gloeggler, Raymond Luczak and Dana Robbins. Michael Uniacke follows up his prior memoir, Deafness Down, with Deafness Gain. Because fictional work about characters with disabilities aimed at younger readers are not always easy to come by, we are happy to have Donna Hill's The Heart of Applebutter Hill. Finally, Saloua Ali Ben Zahra revisits one of Salman Rushdie's lesser known works, considering it from the lens of postcolonial and disability studies.

Reviewers for this issue are T. K. Dalton, Erin Kelly, Travis Chi Wing Lau, and Kristen Witucki. Wordgathering welcomes hearing from other writers who are interested in writing book reviews and writers or publishers interested in having a disability-related book reviewed. For the latter, please send a query, briefly describing the book.


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