A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 8     Issue 3     September 2014

Poetry in this Issue

In an effort to try make the poetry in Wordgathering as accessible as possible, this journal began including audio versions for each of the poems in our poetry section beginning in the June 2014 issue. Readers will be able to listen to audio versions of every poem above. In some cases, the poets themselves are reading their own work, but for those who were unable to provide their own readings, the journal is very fortunate to have poet Jill Khoury reading the poems. To hear the audio version, simply click the link that says "Listen to the Audio Version" below each poem title on the poet's page. In addition, for the four poems from Kathi Wolfe's chapbook The Uppity Blind Girl Poems presented in the Excerpts section, audio versions recorded buy the author are available.

Finally, this issue of Wordgathering presents a special feature on responses to John Milton's "Sonnet XVI." Included in this section, which can be accessed by clicking the Milton link, are poems by Tasha Chemel, Anna Garza G'z, Desmond Kenny, Ria Mead and Kristen Witucki.

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