A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 8     Issue 3     September 2014

Interviews in This Issue

The two interviews in this issue depart from our regular format in involving more than one person. One interview introduces writers who read Wordgathering to Pentimento , a new magazine that is dedicated to literary work related to disability. Editor-in-chief Lori Brozek and poetry editor Marie Kane discuss their new journal and provide tips for those who might be interested in submitting their work. The second interview is actually a dialogue among four writers of poetry and fiction who discuss the impact of being blind or visually impaired on writing and the writing life. Participants in the conversation are Jill Khoury, Emily Michael, Kristen Witucki and Emily Lund, all of whom have written about their own disability.

Readers who are searching for places to submit their writing may be interested in reading through interviews in past issues of the journal where editors are interviewed.

  • Chris Kuell, editor of Breath and Shadow discusses his journal.
  • Gail Wilmott, editor of Kaleidoscope talks about the history of her journal and how to submt work to it.
  • Leah Maines, editor for Finishing Line Press discusses how to submit book manuscripts for publication.

Reading through dialogues among writers can be an enjoyable way of sparking ideas for one's own writing. Here are a few other converstions on disability writing from past issues that might prove helpful.

Reading a particular writer's poetry can prompt one to want to know more about that poet. Four poets whose work is represented or discussed in the current issue have been interviewed about their work in the past. Click on any one of them to read what they have to say about their work and views on writing.

Many other interviews can be found by looking in Wordgathering's Author Index.


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