A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 4     Issue 1     March 2010

Essays This Issue

The essays in this issue of Wordgathering all contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the nature of disability poetry. Jennifer Bartlett's essay takes on some of the issues specific to women poets with disabilities. Laurie Clements Lambeth looks at some of the tensions faced by the poet pulled by markets, the disabilities community and the indivdual artist. The remaining essays relate to the late Paul Kahn. One continues and completes Kahn's three part narrative on his formation as a poet. The other is a brief tribute to Kahn and his contributions to disability literature.

Wordgathering is always seeking new essays in the field of disability poetry. The three very diverse essays in this issue are outstanding examples of the kind of work the editors look for. Readers interested in submitting their work should check the submission guidelines on this website.

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