Computer Art

I have been using the art programs on the computer for last three or four years. It has been a challenge to make sense of all different aspects of art in each of the program the lab provides. With cerebral palsy, it is rather difficult to draw or even paint. Paint and Corel programs have made it easy to paint using the computer, and it has given me another means to express my inner feelings.

Paint is a very basic program with circles, squares and rectangles already made for you, but you determine how big or small the shapes. They are many colors you can choose from. After a few months of intense training of paint, a light came on in my head and I began to paint!!! I drew a tree for the first time in my life.

Four trees on a field of green against a blue sky; leaves are sponged red and yellow.

Before this I let my imagation draw things for me. I can paint without using my hand so by using the computer, drawing became real. I can see and feel how great it is to paint, without a feeling of disappointment. With my hands filled with cerebral palsy, my mom and others would put pencils or crayons in my hand. I made scribbles all over the paper. I enjoyed myself very much; however, I could not express my true inner feelings. I can try to envision myself with the likes of Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso and many others and the joys of creating something for people to see and wonder. Someday I am hopeful to be able to do that. For now, I paint for myself. I am very pleased with the progress I have achieved.

With Corel program, we are talking a totally different ball game. It is like comparing a VW to a BMW. You can choose from different styles of paint. From; oils, water colors, chalks, and a spectrum of styles. You can choose from many types of paint brushes also. So far, I am learning but very slowly for me. Yet, I feel faith within I will learn Corel. It's the thrill of learning another computer program. With Paint and Corel I will never give up dreaming of doing something new. Who knows, I might have my own art exhibit!

Yellow rectangle within a red rectangle on a blue background
Calligraphy Squares

Stuart Sanderson is a poet, an editor Wordgathering and a member of the Inglis House Poetry Workshop. His poetry has been published in small press magazines, and been the subject of a short film. His poetry has also been incorporated in to a performance by the Amaryllis Theater Company.