A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 3     Issue 4     December 2009

Book Reviews in This Issue

As always, Wordgathering is pleased to offer reviews of books relating to disability writing. This time, however, there is a different emphasis. Aside from writers connected with universities, few writers with disabilities have been picked up by big name publishers. Therefore, Wordgathering often concentrates on the work of poets who have gained some reputation and have been able to find publishers willing to take a risk on their work. In this issue, however, we are concentrating on three poets who have chosen to self publish. Linda Fuch's work takes a look at the effects of a bipolar disorder on her life. Ellen Williams, a writer with Parkinson's disease, incorporates essays, poems and stories on a wide variety of topics in her first book. Tendai Mwanaka gives a first hand account of the tumultuous life in contemporary Zimbabwe.

In addition to these self-published works, veteran writer Raymond Luczak offers a quartet of plays centering around life in the Deaf community.

Wordgathering reviews works of literature related to disability as well as theoretical work on disability writing. Writers interested in having their books reviewed should contact the editors with a letter of inquiry.

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