Art and Photography Gallery

From its beginning three years ago, Wordgathering has frequently included the work of visual art related to disability, either through its subject matter or its artist.. Below is a sample from the work of all the artists and photographers who have appeared in our journal so far. These include painters Robert Woltanski, Betty G. Miller, computer artist Dana Hirsch, and photographers Heather Kirk*, Ilene Myers and Elijah Northen*. For viewers interested in seeing more of these artists work, a link is provided to the original article in which each of the artists work appeared in Wordgathering.

Dana Hirsch

Design with black and gray rectangles on aqua background
Design #5

Heather Kirk

Purple Circle Backs with White Top
Purple Circle Backs with White Top

Betty G. Miller

Five figures in white with brown hands upraised like trees.

Ilene Myers

Three residents and a staff member play trivia in therapeutic recreation
Playing Trivia at Inglis House (c) 2008 Ilene Myers

Elijah Northen

Side view of a man whose face and hand are partially bicycle gears
The Cyclist

Robert Woltanski

Multi-colored koi swimming in a circle, viewed from above.
Koi (c) 2008 Robert Woltanski

*The photography of Heather Kirk and Elijah Northen has been feature more than once in Wordgathering. More of their work can be viewed by clicking on their names here.

To help promote the work of artists with disabilities, the Inglis House Poetry Workshop is offering the 2010 Inglis House Artists Calendar featuring the work of nine artists including Robert Woltanski and Dana Hirsh.

Calendar cover: Green wall featuring art in Inglis House Art Gallery

The $10 price of the calendar goes to help support the artists and photographers whose work is represented. Checks can be made payable to Inglis House Poetry Workshop and at ordered at:

Inglis House Poetry Workshop
2600 Belmont Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19131