A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 13     Issue 1     March 2019

Book Reviews in this Issue

covers of three books being reviewed

The two poetry books being reviewed in this issue provide an interesting contrast. Krip Hop performer Leroy Moore's Black Cripple Delivers Poetry brings in the influence not only of hip-hop, but of the legacy of blues and jazz to his experience as a disabled black man. Tricia Knoll's How I Learned to be White provides the default counterpoint against which Moore's poety can be read. As the subtitle of his anthology Firsts suggests, Belo Miguel Cipriani is interested in giving voice to the experiences of those with disabilities who were the first in their community to encounter certain situations and having to negotiate adjustments. The final review considers Alice Wexler's exploration of attempts to reconcile theories of mind described by neurotypical thinkers with the experiences of autists who are providing windows into their own modes of thinking through personal writing and art.

As always, Wordgathering is indebted to those who offered their skills as book reviewers. In this issue they are Lateef McLeod and Seeley Quest. Writers who would like to review books for this journal or would like to have their own books reviewed should send a query to comments@wordgathering.com.


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