A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 11     Issue 4     December 2017

About Us

Wordgathering is an online quarterly journal of disability poetry, literature and art dedicated to providing a venue where the new work of writers with disabilities can be found and to building up a corpus of work for those interested in disability literature. While it gives preference to the work of writers with disability, it seeks the well-crafted work of any writer that makes a contribution of the field.

Wordgathering was founded in March 2007 by members of the Inglis House Poetry Workshop, a collaborative of writers with disabilities who reside at Inglis House in Philadelphia, Pa. The workshop, established in 1998, met weekly, sharing and critiquing poetry for almost two decades. They worked to promote the writing of poets with disabilities through the annual Inglis House Poetry Contest and its resultant chapbook productions.

Earlier this fall Wordgathering's long time webmaster Eliot Spindel died. Eliot had been with the the journal since its beginning. For ten complete years he made the journal's appearance as an online journal possible and worked to insure that it was as accessible to a great a variety of readers.

For the current issue, Editor-in-chief is Michael Northen. Associate poetry editors are Emily K. Michael, and Anne Kaier. Prose editor is Sean Mahoney. Gatherer's Blog editor is Ona Gritz. Melissa Cotter recorded the audio versions of poems for some poets in this issue. Book reviewers for this issue were Amelia Cotter, Erin M. Kelly, Lynda McKinney Lamber, Emily K. Michael, and Adnrea Nicki. Founding emeritus members Wordgathering are Stuart Sanderson, Dana Hirsch, Yvette Green and Denise March.

Wordgathering hosts a Facebook for writers interested in keeping up with the work of authors published here. It can also be found on Twitter @wordgathering where it promotes the recent work of writers with disabilities and related issues. Wordgathering is also proud to be affiliated and connected with the Disability Literature Consortium a group of small literary magazines for writers with disabilities.

This site is maintained by Michael Northen and Eliot Spindel.