A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 11     Issue 3     September 2017

Fiction and Excerpts in this Issue

This issue of Wordgathering offers three original pieces of short fiction and two excerpts from longer works of fiction. Short stories include new work from returning writers Kara Dorris and Chad MacDonald, both of whose stories deal with pivotal events in relationships. In the case of Dorris' story it has to do with a Texas plumber and his wife of many years. In MacDonald's story it is the memory of boy whose father has gone off to war. This story also introduces the work of Kelsey Young whose speculative fiction looks at disabiity in the future.

Like YOung's short story, two of this issue's excerpts come from the realm of speculative fiction. Michelle Fernandez's gives readers a chapter from her novel Eminent Domain that looks backward from the future. Kristen Ringman's is a selection from her fantasy oriented collection Twenty-Seven Nadines. The third comes from a series of short pieces by South African writer Liesl Jobson.

Disability short fiction is a literary genre that is just beginning to get notice. Writers who would like to submit work should check Wordgathering's submission guidelines and send work to submissions@wordgathering.com. Writers who would like to gain a good feel for what is happening in disabilities short fiction should take a look at The Right Way to Be Crippled and Naked which includes the work of Kara Dorris, above, and many of the genre's top fiction writers.


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