Poetry – Winter 2023-2024

A Note from Poetry Editor, Emily K. Michael: For our Winter 2023-2024 Poetry section, we offer you a poem by our youngest contributor. Vala, age 10, who submitted a poem (written when she was nine) about her disabled sister, and it is a bright light for us at Wordgathering. We love Vala’s work because it gets at the heart of what poetry is for: a call to beauty and a new way to imagine the world. It’s a brief and clear example of how poetry can change the world.

Poetry in this issue:

Editor’s Note: Each of these poems is accompanied by an audio recording of the poem.

Read poetry by Clark A. Pomerleau in the Gatherer’s Blog published in this issue of Wordgathering.

Poetry can be submitted to Wordgathering at wordgathering@syr.edu. Please review our Submission Guidelines prior to submission.

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