Book Reviews – Summer 2022

This issue of Wordgathering includes reviews of new poetry works (among them, full-length collections and chapbooks) by Willy Conley, Sarah Katz, Sean J. Mahoney, and Shane Neilson, and Hannah Soyer’s edited poetry anthology focused on the interweaving of Disability and trauma. These five poetry reviews are joined by discussions of four other texts: Hernández and Alland’s powerhouse zinedeeply needed in the world of Covid; Petra Kuppers’s vibrant exploration of “speculative performance encounters”; Palaces’s chapbook of personal essays; and Dora M. Raymaker’s second neurodivergent sci-fi novel.

As Wordgathering has grown, it is increasingly indebted to those who offer their skills as book reviewers. Writers who would like to review books for or have books reviewed by Wordgathering should send queries to Please refer to our Submission Guidelines for more information.

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