Hannah Emerson

The Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Dreaming Beast

(listen to the poem, read by Chris Martin)

Please try to understand
that mother is kissing us
because making us
very nothing makes us
become the bridge
between the worlds
that are hard to be
sitting in but that is
autism that is the great
great great making
of the ground that is
making us become
the kissing that is
becoming the everything
that is trying to become
the opening of the freedom
that is the new window
to the beautiful kissing
that is the becoming
of the needed thinking
that is necessary
to make the bridge
into helpful grounding
that is the freedom of trying
to go to the kissing that is
needed to make us try
to become the beautiful
beautiful beautiful dreaming
beast that we are yes yes.

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About the Author

Hannah Emerson is the author of The Kissing of Kissing. She is also the author of a chapbook, You Are Helping This Great Universe Explode. Emerson is a nonspeaking autistic artist and poet whose work has graced BOMB Magazine, the Poetry Society of America, Literary Hub, and the Brooklyn Rail. She lives in Lafayette, New York.