Nancy Rourke

This is Dorothy Miles

Artistic Portrait of Dorothy Miles
Artistic Portrait of Dorothy Miles by Nancy Rourke

“This is Dorothy Miles” (11” x 14” Oil on Canvas, 2011)

This is Dorothy Miles in her checkered coat, during her early years in England. Mr. Carl Clayton gave me permission to paint a portrait of her. He is Dorothy Miles’ nephew from England. Dorothy’s eyes are the most important part of the painting, and then the rest of her facial expression. I tried to use the primary colours as shades, especially the hair. The blue shows the darker shade, while the red and light blue colours are the medium shade, somewhat in between dark and light. The hair strains are the same way as shades. The background has red and black that makes the portrait pop out more, and brushstrokes and scratch marks give it a more ”character“ look. The checkered coat is quite powerful—that makes the entire image more emotional.

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About the Artist

Nancy Rourke is an internationally-known Deaf artist and activist. She is also a full-time professional artist, she frequently does artist-in-residencies at Deaf schools and promotes De’VIA. Deaf View/Image Art is art that examines and expresses the Deaf experience from a cultural and linguistic point of view through art workshops in community settings. Originally from San Diego, California, she now makes her home in Loveland, Colorado.