A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 10     Issue 3     September 2016

Book Reviews in this Issue

a table displaying three books about disability on a black background

Recalling the first years of Wordgathering's publication, three of the four books books reviewed in this issue are primarily works of poetry. Two of these books, coincidentally, also involve the development of a mytho-poetic framework for politcal purposes. Petra Kuppers' volume explores the various cultural forces that have acted on women throughout history, while A. Rahman Ford focuses on race and the subjegation of one people by another. The third book features the collected poems of playwright and poet Paul Kahn, who died in 2010. The final book reviewed in this issue is a memoir from Dylan Emmons, giving readers an inside view of what it is like growing up with Asperger's Syndrome.

Kuppers' and Kahn's books are among the many books available through the Disability Literature Consortium. The consortium will be making the work of dozens of authors available at the Collingswood Book Festival in Collingswood, New Jersey on October 1 and at the 2017 AWP conference that will be held in Washington, DC in February. A list of the books available was posted in the March issue of Wordgathering and can be viewed by clicking here. The books can also be purchased at any time by inquiring at dislit666@gmail.com.


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