A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 8     Issue 1     March 2014

Interviews in This Issue

Each issue of Wordgathering yields some surprises as to which sections of the journal will take center stage, and this time around it may be our interviews. Not only do we have a larger number of interviews than in any previous issue, but in the wide variety of interviewees and topics, almost any reader should find something of interest.

Nancy and Peter Torpey, the creators and hosts of Eyes on Success, discuss their radio program and how it reaches out to its audience of blind and visually impaired listeners. Disabilities travel guru Scott Rains offers information and advice on world travel with an eye on universal design. Artist Adrean Clark discusses her latest series of prints, created with the ASL community in mind. Literary craft is always an important topic for Wordgathering and this time around poet and essayist, Therése Halscheid considers some difficulties of life writing and memoir in her recent collection of lyrical essays, dear father. In the final essay, anthologists Lyn Jones and Liz Whiteacre talk about the project that culminated in the publication of Monday Coffee and Other Essays of Mothering Children with Special needs.

One of the wonderful things about interviews is that they allow readers to get some insight into the work of these writer and artists, creating a desire for a closer look at what they have created. Fortunately, this issue of Wordgathering provides a chance for that exploration. The Arts section shows actual examples of Clark's prints and also lets Peter Torpey describe his side career as a blind musician (including a chance to listen to one of his competitions). A detailed review of Jones and Whiteacre's Morning Coffee appears in Book Reviews. A look in the "Author Index" will also lead readers to poetry and books by both Halscheid and Whiteacre.

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