Ivan de Monbrison

La Donna Infelice Guitarra 5.1

The title of the work means “The Unhappy Woman” in Italian. The title was chosen to highlight the melancholic tone of the piece. It’s 3 minutes and 59 seconds of solo acoustic classical guitar work in the Latino style. The piece was totally improvised, without any sort of preparation beforehand; it’s the sole recording of the work. The guitar was made in Spain; the name of the brand is Alhambra.

Listen to this music online on YouTube.

You can see a close-up of the performer playing the instrument in black and white video footage, with a painting hanging behind him on the wall, and small glimpses of others, during the full duration of the performance.

The performer himself is a male, of about fifty years old. He’s bald, he’s wearing a black jersey, and he’s looking like a kind of the Mediterranean type of humanoid species.

The last very short (just one second) image of the video is the apparition of a set of paintings in color, this time hanging on some other wall.

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About the Artist

Ivan de Monbrison is a neurodivergent French poet and artist.