Disability Futures in the Arts – Winter 2022

This issue includes the third and final group of works from “Disability Futures in the Arts,” a vibrant project on the disability arts and culture, sponsored by a prestigious grant awarded by the Canada Council for the Arts. As a component of this three-year, multi-project grant, Special Guest Editor, Prof. Kenny Fries, curated and edited a series of 15 invited essays by disabled artists, published in Wordgathering in three sections (five essays, each) and sequences (each winter, over the three-year period). The first cohort’s essays were published in December 2020; the second group of essays was published in Winter 2021. Read more about this groundbreaking initiative with Prof. Fries, in the Syracuse University News story.

Each of the following written works is accompanied by an audio recording. As with all other visual content that is published in Wordgathering, image descriptions / descriptive captions are provided wherever images appear within the essays.

“Disability Futures in the Arts” is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts/Conseil des arts du Canada.

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