Book Reviews – Fall 2022

This issue of Wordgathering includes 12 reviews that engage a wide variety of works. In myriad ways, the authors of these texts address both the impact associated with and the ongoing necessity of actively undermining racism, ableism, queerphobia, and xenophobia, and the interconnections between these and other forms of oppression. New poetry by Allison Blevins, Stephanie Heit, Mel Mallory, Michèle Saint-Yves, Kelly Sargent, and Diane R. Wiener is in company with Allison’s Carey groundbreaking textbook on the sociology of disability; Sonya Huber’s “memoir of a day;” James Kyung-Jin Lee’s powerful analysis of a “model minority”; Rosaleen McDonagh’s essays on community, friendship, and resistance; Akemi Nishida’s critique and elaboration of care works; and Alice Wong’s widely acclaimed activist memoir.

As Wordgathering has grown, it is increasingly indebted to those who offer their skills as book reviewers. Writers who would like to review books for or have books reviewed by Wordgathering should send queries to Please refer to our Submission Guidelines for more information.

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