Marjorie Sadin

At Sea

(listen to the poem, read by the author)

The tide takes me like a traveler lost in a new
country. What I don’t know is what I am doing there.

I bob on the water light as a buoy tossed about recklessly.
I am the savior. What I don’t know is why.

The ocean unrolls like reams of fabric.
My mind unravels making no sense.

What I don’t know is why the pitch and lurch of the waves
seize me like a skiff in the night.

I believe I am the messiah
and nothing is wrong with my mind.

I have lost my senses, like a man drowning
who can’t hear himself cry out.

No one hears me, though I have come to save the world.
No one believes me, what I don’t know is why.

The doors of the sea close on me.
I am in a locked ward.

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About the Author

Marjorie Sadin has published four books of poetry, including three chapbooks—The Cliff Edge by Modern Images and Struck by Love and In a Closet by Goldfish Pressas well as Vision of Lucha, a full-length book about love, struggle, and family by Goldfish Press. Their work is also published in numerous magazines. Marjorie lives and reads their poetry in the Washington DC area. Marjorie is schizoaffective.