Carlos Mijares Poyer

The Naked Willows (Amidst the Silent October Morning)

(listen to the poem, read by Diane R. Wiener)

Tearful rains in high ground
amidst the silent October morning
passion sifted through the trees
the poet’s heart repelled.

A flutter of leaves and Puritan prayers
the lonely beings gathered mortal
questioned by spontaneity
at dawn’s last hour.

A walk brisk by the spring
as into a brook desired
the pebbles that trickled like thoughts
as now cold wind of angst
brittle small hands and flowers
 the October morning.

The pedantic ochre bloom’d
across the bridges
and the walk resumed
as once upon a times
amidst an October that was mourning.

And open silence pallid falls to rest
amongst the lake shores inhaled
a counterpoint of voices swelled
like the whale’s scarred back
derives the presence of mystery token
as from curious child-like eyes peek
through a broken leaf

and shout to the languid mother
in cinematic amazement, the management,
oh the management, how to discover dimensions four fold
nestled in the utter of autumn mo(u)rning.

A run against the wind
screams stabbing face, face stabbing horizons
the pang of heart beats like a machine, oh a machine
a bee sting and a red beetle lost
are the unknown dream at daybreak, daybreak.

The struggle of everything, all that is a thing in your dream
perned anatomy in subtle shift, the statue’s lean
like Fragonard trees in a distance
of us, you and I
in no hurry

the learn’d stars
of a knitted sky
perhaps offering origins and the orgasm of clouds
askance the end of a long farewell.

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About the Author

Carlos Mijares Poyer, an international author born in Caracas, Venezuela, is a journalist, translator, and marketer. Educated entirely in the U.S., he studied at the Pine Crest School, was an English major at Guilford College, and studied Marketing at ISUM Marketing College. Since 2015, he has published in numerous on-line literary websites in the U.S., Ireland, Venezuela, Mexico, Nigeria, Australia, the UK, and Argentina. A main contributor to the Ultimas Noticias Cultural Supplement in Venezuela in different journalistic and literary genres, he has won several national cultural journalism prizes.