Ethan Vilu

Garage Sonnet

(listen to the poem, read by the author)

I count the beads of light along the stain
of treated wood that fortifies the eaves
and feel love. Not lightness, but a strain,
a silent ache that’s never given leave
to make excuses, sigh, and walk away.
A current it itself cannot resist,
which grips the leaves outside, and makes them sway –
an awe without which awe cannot exist.
I hear your words, I listen to that sound
and history alights. The fact of space:
I’m here amidst the night, and you’re around,
and every piece of past falls into place.
My eyes are diamonds now among the dust –
no ifs or buts. I write because I must.

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About the Author

Ethan Vilu is a student, writer, and editor from Calgary, Alberta. Their poetry longsheet, “A Decision re: Zurich,” was published by The Blasted Tree in 2020. In addition to serving as the current managing editor for NōD Magazine, Ethan works as both circulation manager and as a member of the poetry collective at Filling Station.