Normie Salvador

Dot the Eyes

(listen to the poem, read by the author)

I peer through the magnifying glass….

In my left hand,
braced against bench and frame,
I hold an old wine cork blu-tacked
with a hulking millimeters-high ork,
frozen in mid-slash and shot.

I blink and wait… for
my contact lens to slide back,
stabilize on my steep cornea’s
curvature, wait… for my vision to
sharpen from blindness to
only near-sightedness.

In my right hand,
a size quintuple zero
red sable hair paint brush
tipped with drying Ceramite White.

I inhale… hold my breath
before I dot the ork’s red eye.
The new pupil focuses his bellicosity.
I exhale… breathe once more.

I rinse my brush of dried paint.
Now for the other eye….

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About the Author

Normie Salvador is a disabled Filipino-American editor. His recent work appeared in Bamboo Ridge. He has a poetry chapbook, Philter (Tinfish Press 2003).