Paula Knight

Caught fast on the littoral

(listen to the poem, read by Diane R. Wiener)

Caught fast on the littoral
Sessile on the beach
Entangled in the flotsam
Close to land that’s out of reach

A hermit crab approaches
To make my mouth its home
My bones disintegrating
To dust and sandy loam

Barnacles are resident
Along my crumbling spine
A fine replacement backbone
In an orderly blue line

Patiently awaiting
The tide to turn about
To wash up on the shore
And gently float us out

Magnesium and briny balm
Replenishing the cells
If I can’t stand on dry land again
Perhaps the sea will suit me well

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About the Author

Paula Knight is the author of the graphic memoir The Facts of Life (Myriad, 2017) and three children’s books. Since becoming disabled and bedridden with M.E., she writes poetry in her head aided by voice recording. This work explores the natural world and her exile from it. Visit her website at: You can follow her on Twitter at: @Paula_JKnight and Instagram at: @paulajkstudio