Allan Blaustein

(Listen to the poems in sequence, read by the author)


Today the focus is my hips:
What lies beneath the calcifying bone?
What mystery of movement will be known,
Those secrets that an X-ray plate lets slip?
The why it is my walk is turning slow
And keeps me so securely here at home.

Sick Poem Two

I laugh with greatest glee at all the pain,
My own, my legs are screaming as I walk,
Gone out into a world of such delight!
As best of all the agonies: insane
Of all the varied tortures: best is talk,
That makes the conscious mind a sorry plight.


I walk by carrying my legs
Put up with whining protest calf to thigh
What tries to pull me back from where I want to go
Arthritis here might have the edge
But contradicted by a warmer, better sky
So I can laugh at all the what of what I feel below.

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About The Author

Allan Blaustein writes formal, rhyme and meter poetry. His blog, Poetry, Prose And Anything Goes (, is “a full-time writer’s life.” His poems have been published in Turk’s Head Review, Best Poems Encyclopedia, Blognostics, Screech Owl, Bijou Review, Verse-Virtual, Section 8, Blue Unicorn,, Scryptic, and The Pangolin Review.  He can be found on Twitter at: @AlanBlaustein