Gerard Sarnat


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Dear diary, even though my lifelong self-image
of younger than stated age suddenly became rickety,
fragile, weak; this New Year's Eve I am without crippling
pain. Mind calm, getting lots of sleep + reading + writing done,
beginning to exercycle some, my body is gradually more mobile
again. Both knees still feel like metal-on-metal rims' deflated
tires, but while celebrating Celebrex + the 3-Heating Pat sign +
tincture of time (which so far have averted spine/ hip surgery),
life feels to me like a few soaring strings of little victories.


Gerard Sarnat's Kadish for the Country was selected for pamphlet distribution on Inauguration Day nationwide. "Amber Of Memory" was the single poem chosen for his 50th Harvard reunion Dylan symposium; the Harvard Advocate accepted a second. Gerard's a physician whose built/staffed homeless clinics, a Stanford professor/healthcare CEO. Collections include: Homeless Chronicles (2010), Disputes, 17s, Melting the Ice King (2016). Married and living in Portola Valley, he has three children, four grandkids and hasnominated for Pushcarts.