Des Kenny


Listen to the audio version read by Sean Mahoney.

The eclipse of one day
Has run to a lifetime
Reinterpreting Heat
With a new sense of eyes

Which sees fire on my face
Rise from heat of the grate
Or the bulb often felt
To know off or on state.

Iíve learnt the sundialís tap,
The shadow finger beat,
Moving time in segments
To rhythms of the day:

Iíve found that secret way
To speak in verbal suns
And write candle syntax
From flickers in the stars.


Desmond (Des) Kenny has published two volumes of poetry, My Sense of Blind 2013, and Past Tense 2014, both available from These early collections comprise poems which Kenny was compiling and revising over the 40 years of his working life as a senior executive In several of Irelandís major service providers for persons with disabilities and blindness. Kenny is now retired and is working on his third volume of verse which he hopes to see published during the Autumn of 2018. "Just Another day" will be included in that new collection.