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The December 2017 issue of Wordgathering featured a tribute to the late poet, playwright and musician David Simpson. The retrospective included both selections from Simpsonís own work and poems written for him by other writers. Since that issue appeared, two other writers, Scott Edward Anderson and Elizabeth Rivers, have also contributed poems honoring David Simpson.

Mowing Blind
     by Elizabeth Rivers

Taking the curves blind
Dave mows grass
to every edge. Watch this,
he says. I do.

For supper, he broils
burgers, bubbles fudge,
with naked hands he sees
the gas flameís force.

Hyacinth brighten
air like light, scent
sugaring chords,
separate notes he knows:

train whistle, dogís whine,
questing voices.
After dishes, showing off
his touches, he makes

keyboards perform.
Dave dances, sings,
serious grasshopper—
juggling possi-

bilities, he plays
cadenzas with heartís
hide-and-seeking God.
When ALS

arrests his flesh, knots
nerve by nerve, his soul
stamps louder, claps
its hands, sings on.

* * *

App to the Stars

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     by Scott Edward Anderson

I can't see the stars tonight
in cloud-cover and city night glare,
so I double-tap on my night sky app
make missing stars revealed.

Virgo hiding behind the corner
of my apartment building;
illuminated, first in outline,
then sketched in white-on-black:
woman holding back nothing,
at least until she fades from view.

Moving my iPhone to the left
aiming just below horizon,
the Moon appears, unrisen.
Swinging my view to the apartment
above, Ursa Major hangs, looming.

Back down from ceiling to floor,
I see the sun, a good eight hours away.
Man, thereís a lot of space junk up there:
rocket bodies and satellites.

But itís a series of random names
and numbers – a cypher, a type of code,
indicating stars we've shared our universe
with for eons, fascinates me most:

Now panning with my phone facing me,
spinning around and around the room
swinging away, from start to star-
dizzying with every swipe, every turn.
My head full of stars, planets, galaxies.

To read the complete tribute to David Simpson, including poems by Daniel Simpson, Stephen Kuusisto, Shirley Brewer, Rocky Wilson and Michael Northen, as well as Simpson's own work, click here.