Fani Athanasiadou


Listen to the audio version read by Sean Mahoney.

Itís raining again in Britain
in Kimolos the birds are mating
the gathering at the small tearoom
has turned out to be rather tedious
it led nowhere
like the swallows you wait for
every spring
but never arrive.
In the drawing room Mr.Smith is trying on
a new suit made of expensive cashmere
while completing his look
with an umbrella from London.
Outside itís still raining…

* This poem is from her book Weather Report (migdonia editions) and has been translated from Greek to English by Georgia Matraka.


Fani Athanasiadou is a wheelchair user due to quadriplegia by trasverse myelitis. She has published 5 poetry collections. Her poetry has been awarded, it has been presented in radio, published in well-known poetry journals like Hronas Odos Panos and it was transformed into a theatrical event by Eleni Karasavvidou,and by National theatre of Northern Greece. She was honored by the Editors under the aigis of the Ministry of Culture and also in 2013ís International Poetry Day by a Greek Municipality.